Streamers flock to YouTube Live, but the money (and crowd) is still at Twitch

YouTube Live is making impressive strides in catching up to incumbent Twitch, but it has a long way to go yet. On the bright side, it doesn’t look like they’ll run out of road: streaming looks to be a fairly sustainable business, suggest stats from Streamlabs’ latest report.

According to data gleaned through Streamlabs’ streaming assistant app, YouTube Live has outpaced Twitch in growth over the last six months. That’s to be expected with a newish service offered by a powerful competitor, but it’s also not uncommon to see challengers like this fail to gain serious traction at all.

Twitch these days has somewhere north of 250K monthly active streamers, and that’s growing in fits and starts, 5K this month, 15K the next. YouTube added 23K its first month, and has grown to…

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