Acer, HP launch $299 Windows 10 S laptops

Acer, HP launch $299 Windows 10 S laptops


Acer TravelMate Spin B1 Convertible laptop running Windows 10 S

With yesterday’s launch of Windows 10 S, Microsoft is directly addressing the success of Chromebooks within the education market. The new flavor of its flagship operating system is locked down, limiting users to running apps in the Windows Store to keep the device more secure from malware. (Learn more about Windows 10 S here.)

It’s also the latest attempt to put Windows into cheaper PCs to compete against low-cost systems running Google’s Chrome OS. Ironically, Microsoft rolled out a new Surface laptop that belied that pricing strategy, with a starting price tag of $999. It’s unclear, however, who will pay that amount for a limited, albeit secure, notebook…

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