Litebook launches $249 Linux laptop

Litebook launches $249 Linux laptop


Litebook’s $249 Linux laptop

The market for Linux-equipped laptops continues to expand, whether crowd-funded or DIY or just replacing Windows on an existing notebook on your own. Another entrant has emerged that’s more powerful than the Kickstarter-backed Pinebook but less expensive than the KDE Slimbook.

A company called Litebook has released a new Linux laptop that is priced to compete with Chromebooks — if not as cheap as the $89 Pinebook. That’s because the Pinebook is bare-boned when it comes to specs, using an ARM CPU, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of built-in storage. The Litebook, on the other hand, uses an Intel Celeron processor (the N3150), twice as much memory, and a 512GB hard drive. (An extra $20 gets you a 32GB…

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