Another smart card bites the dust, as Plastc ends operations and leaves pre-orders unfulfilled

Plastc is throwing in the towel today. The smart card maker sent a message to backers (which now also graces the startup’s homepage) announcing that it’s “exploring options” for filing Chapter 7 and, more importantly, is shutting down all operations as of today.

The company was apparently on the most shoestring of budgets, holding out hope that it would be able to stay open as late as this week, courtesy of a planned $6.75 million in funding. The letter reads like the climactic scene in a movie about a tech startup, with the funding round just “a signature away from closing.” This one’s got a pretty bummer of an ending, though.

Word that the investor was backing out apparently only came down yesterday, leaving the company “extremely caught off guard.” Complicating…

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