Mark Zuckerberg bought a $150 million ‘expedition yacht’

Though searching through Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page last year might have led you to think he spends all his free time cozying up to a plate of grits with random families in Louisiana, it turns out he enjoyed a lot of billionaire simple pleasures in 2017 as well.

Namely, the Facebook CEO bought a $150 million ultra-luxury super yacht in Monaco this past September, the Hürriyet Daily News reports. The “expedition” yacht, named “Ulysses,” is 107 meters long, includes dozens of rooms and is primed for journeys as long as 8,500 nautical miles. He reportedly bought the yacht “in secret” from another self-made billionaire, Graeme Hart.

Among yacht bloggers (that’s a thing), this vessel is pretty well-regarded. One called it, “one of (sic) most badass super yachts on the planet.”

More details from this October announcement of the boat’s sale to a mystery buyer:

Facilities on board include eight dining locations, both inside and al fresco, and she has a total of five bars. A fully certified helicopter landing platform has a hangar including a refuelling station and there is also a professional cinema with a stereo surround sound system. For convenience, there is a 13-person guest elevator serving all decks along with a separate eight-person elevator for crew.

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The 33-year-old Facebook founder is worth more than $72 billion. In 2015, Zuckerberg gathered a lot of headline after announcing a philanthrocapitalist organization with his wife called the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, an LLC which the couple pledged to funnel the vast majority of their wealth into to make investments that create positive social change. In 2017, CZI invested in a number of startups, made donations to Bay Area groups and even acquired a science search engine.

While Zuckerberg is often very vocal on Facebook about political issues and spent a good deal of 2017 chronicling his visits to the fifty states as a part of his new year’s resolution to understand more perspectives in America, as is the case with much social media, we don’t always get a full picture of Zuckerberg’s personal life from his Facebook page.

Stories talking about his inexpensive car, his gray t-shirts and his otherwise “low-key lifestyle” kind of drive this point forward, but it turns out he likes a lot of other things that other really rich dudes like, big chunks of tropical islands and super yachts.

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